Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Update! Kim Barbour

It's not every day you find girls like Kim, Incredible!

Julia Dunstall Backstage with Mousy Brown's

Julia Dunstall was filmed backstage at Fashion with Compassion getting ready with Lauren Hughes, owner of Mousy Browns.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashion With Compassion - Offshores

Hailey Poole

Charli Elber

Courtney Killips

Shakera Mairs

Paige LaFrance

Jamie Zynger

Brittany Wittmeier

Laura Ritchie

Vanessa Mejia

Jenna McFie

Sarah Hardy

Fashion With Compassion - Extras

Jamie Zynger, Steph Del Alba, and Alexandra S

Paige LaFrance and Charli Elber

Court Baker and Ciara Tucker

Hannah Donker, Megan Martin, and Adam Bokenfohr

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fashion With Compassion - Backstage Part 2

Lowell Tautchin

Hailey Poole

Megan Martin

Dorian Reeves

Charli Elber

David Emmerzael

Veronica Ostermann

Evodie Tshakatumba

Chad Helm

Adam Bokenfohr

Jordan Radics

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Brittany Ortynski by Amanda Gallant

Photography by Amanda Gallant of AG Photography

Fashion With Compassion - Backstage

Julia Dunstall

Jamie Zynger, Dayton Pollak, Laura Ritchie

Charlton Diaz

Julia Dunstall and Antony Cuelenaere

Kim Barbour

Brittany Wittmeier

Antony Cuelenaere

Steph Del Alba

Mitch Baker

Fashion With Compassion - Blu's Part 2

Court Baker

Kim Barbour

Veronica Ostermann

April Kargaard

Jessica Esposito

Megan Martin

Kayley Chabot

Steph Del Alba

Hannah Donker

Ciara Tucker

Gloria Loitz

Julia Dunstall