Thursday, March 31, 2011

Malorie Urbanovitch Fall 2011 at Western Canada Fashion Week!!

Malorie Urbanovitch Fall 2011
Makeup: Nickol Walkemeyer & Stephanie Strazza
Hair:  Mousy Browns Salon
Shoes: Gravity Pope
Photos: Aaron Pederson [3ten Studio]

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mode for Genette Salgado Fall 2011 at Western Canada Fashion Week

Steph Del Alba
 Jo Clark
 Autumn Allen
 Court Baker
 Jess Esposito
 Kayley Chabot
 Janessa Dornstauder
 Emma Jardine
 Charli Elber
Courtney Killips

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Behind the Scene's preview of Avenue!

Sneak peek of Avenue's spring fashion feature is here!  Wait until you all see the cover....

Introducing Kendall!

Keep your eyes on this girl!

Testing. . . Rebecca Miles

Photography: Jan Stasiuk
Makeup: Stephanie Strazza
Hair: Mousy Brown's (Kirsten Klontz)
Styling: Zoe Kreider

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mode for WEM showcase at Western Canada Fashion Week

 Charli for Bebe
 Brittany and Paige for Marciano
 Dorian for Hugo Boss
 Dorian and Alex for Hugo Boss
 Cassandra for Urban
 Steph and Amanda for G-star/Energie
 Charli and Court for Bebe
Jess and Elodie for Guess

WCFW Fall 2011... The Mode Shows

Next week, Mode Models Edmonton will be exclusively presenting 2 shows for Western Canada Fashion Week.  We've chosen carefully and it looks like it will be an amazing season, we hope to see you all there!

Genette Salgado Fall 2011
Tuesday, March 29th
Makeup led by Nickol Walkemeyer
Hair by Ponytails + Horseshoes Salon
Shoes and Accessories from C'est Sera

Malorie Urbanovitch Fall 2011
Wednesday, March 30th
Makeup led by Nickol Walkemeyer
Hair by Mousy Brown's Salon
Shoes and Accessories from Gravity Pope

Friday, March 25, 2011

Autumn Covers Intercamp Newspaper!

Autumn is on the cover of Intercamp Newspaper for Genette Salgado's upcoming fashion show next week at WCFW...  Everyone's BUZZING!

Paige for Jessica Clark at Western Canada Fashion Week

And we're off!  WCFW Fall 2011 kicked off last night with Paige walking for Stylist Jessica Clark, 11 mode models booked for tonight's shows.  Good start to a busy week! 

Andrea Heppleston by Adam Goudreau

Andrea's looking beautiful in this latest creative by Adam Goudreau.