Thursday, February 28, 2013

Kayley and Meghan walk Balenciaga Fall 2013 at Paris Fashion Week!!

Kayley and Meghan walked for Balenciaga's first collection with Alexander Wang at the helm today! With only the top industry girls cast for the show, this will be a Mode Moment to remember!

Meghan Collison interviewed for Helmut Lang Journal!

Read it all here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Kendall Shea by Amanda Diaz

Kendall gets glammed for Amanda Diaz's latest shoot!

Alana & Taylor in "Infinite" by Alyssa Lau

Meghan in Dior Magazine!

Meghan Collison's perfect cat-like eyes are front and center in her new editorial for Dior Magazine! Check it out here!

Erin Macdonald stars in Marie St. Pierre Fall 2013 Campaign!

Erin Macdonald is a shining star in celebrated Canadian designer Marie St. Pierre's latest campaign!

Alexis Wolfe by Zachary Ayotte

Alexis is stunning in a conceptual story by the talented Zachary Ayotte! See the full story here!

Styling by Raelee Balanag
Hair and Makeup by Christian Morneau

Testing. . . Kris Murray by Emilia Thomas

Makeup by Amber Miller
Hair by Katharine Petersen (Ponytails + Horseshoes)

Lowell in the Lab Magazine!

Lowell strikes again for The Lab Magazine, see it all here!

Meghan in Document by Will Davidson!

More from Meghan's latest editorial here!

Digital Update. . . Sarah Dhaliwal

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kendall Shea for Gravity Pope Lookbook!

Steph Del Alba in Miami by Eduardo Garcia

Steph's first tests from Miami are in and they are incredible! Check them out here!

New to International - Karlissa Fauchon by Harvey Miedreich!

Meet our newest international model - Karlissa from Edmonton! Oozing with international potential and a special uniqueness, this girl is sure to rise to the top in no time. Check out her latest test with Harvey Miedreich here!

Nic Neiman by Ken Yau

Check out Nic's latest creative on international!

ON VIDEO | Alana & Taylor in "Infinite" by Alyssa Lau

Testing. . . Daniel Shephard by Emilia Thomas

Grooming by Amber Miller
Hair by Katharine Petersen (Ponytails + Horseshoes)

Digital Update. . . Michelle Ticknor

Monday, February 25, 2013

Janessa Dornstauder in We Like We Love by Gerard Yunker

Creative Direction & Styling by Leah Van Loon
Photography by Gerard Yunker
Hair by Jessica Smith at Hedkandi